Which Golfer Are You?

Write your answers on a sheet of paper and check out the answers on the “About Me!” page.

Question 1:

Overhearing two golfers discussing their recent round of golf, you hear the remark “a day at the beach” and you think:

  1. Ouch, I feel for you, usually takes me at least 2…
  2. Sounds great! Do they have surfing and mimosa’s in golf too?
  3. No biggie-chance to be creative on the course

Question 2:

When you are facing that 80 yard shot, what goes through your mind?

  1. Yards? How much math is involved in this game now, really?
  2. Green Light Special! Let’s drop it in, stick it pin high
  3. Geez, that last shot like this on 12, shanked it, stop thinking bad thoughts, no you stop telling me what to do, ok somebody take over and hit this shot, people are starting to stare…

Question 3:

Your golf clubs have been flagged by the Department of Seriously, Equipment Should Be Working for YOU, what happens next?

  1. Upon closer inspection, your clubs appear to be older than you, your immediate family, the group you are playing with and their immediate families, combined. You are offered a new set in exchange for sending the old ones to the world golf museum.
  2. For declaring “any old club will do the same thing” you are sent immediately to the NASA like launch monitoring equipment, where you will harnessed, measured and analyzed into seeing the error in your ways.
  3. The clubs and you pass inspection, but you now wonder how to stay one step ahead of the game and leverage this investment in equipment.

Question 4:

You are signing up for the next EWGA golf event, when it asks about format preference, you first think:

  1. Times New Roman, 12 pt font? I really prefer sans serif, like Arial…
  2. Scramble me!
  3. Stroke play, time to get serious about that handicap and work on scoring!
  4. The prizes better be pretty good if I go for it!