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GEPD Sponsored Events

The calendar is for events put on by the GEPD committee in partnership with our sponsors. RSVP’s for these events is requested via the website/calendar, please. These are events scheduled by request of YOU, through surveys on line, at events, word of mouth or other contact, so don’t be shy in shouting out what you’d like to see!

Other Programs & Challenges

We would love to use our EWGA communities to keep tabs on what your goals and needs are in terms of GEPD support, so all members who use this tool to connect for events, even “girl-friend” golf, will be entered into a drawing for a free 1 hour lesson at DA’s Spring Creek Golf!

Check out the community on “Practice can be Fun”, and download the short game practice scorecard. This is a printable scorecard that contains games you can play indoors (nerf like balls only please!!) or out to hone your short game skills. Keep your scorecards over the season and enter them into a raffle at the year-end event for a $100 gift card!

Our mission is to support you on your evolving golf journey and therefore we hope to always get a new set of answers to the question “Which Golfer Are You”, but for now, check out the answers below and more importantly some of things YOU can take advantage of, we’re happy that WE GOT YOU!

Question 1:

Overhearing two golfers discussing their recent round of golf, you hear the remark “a day at the beach” and you think:

A Ouch, I feel for you, usually takes me at least 2…

B Sounds great! Do they have surfing and mimosa’s in golf too?

C No biggie-chance to be creative on the course 

Question 1 you answered:

  1. The Next Level Golfer: You are well into your golf journey, but trouble shots, well, still give you trouble
    1. Check out: learning links for existing short game classes offered by our pro’s, be sure to attend the Cowboys & Tenison GEPD events in March and May! Use communities to connect with others who share my pain…you are willing spend time & throw a lot of sand to get out in 1!
  2. The New to it All Golfer: Your greenness is showing, but that’s OK, as a beginner you’ll know A’s pain soon enough, but more importantly what to do about it!
    1. Check out: learning links for existing beginner 101 classes offered by our pro’s, be sure to attend the April GolfTEC mixer and warm-up with the Pro’s events. Use communities to connect with other new members, and make sure you get a “fairway friend”
  3. The Wow Factor Golfer: Who are you? Where did you come from?
    1. Check out: learning links, you need 1:1 instruction at this point, community on fairway friends, you need witnesses to your sand magic and to inspire new golfers when you play 

Question 2:

When you are facing that 80 yard shot, what goes through your mind?

A Yards? How much math is involved in this game now, really?

B Green Light Special! Let’s drop it in, stick it pin high

C Geez, that last shot like this on 12, shanked it, hey, stop thinking bad thoughts, no you stop telling me what to do, ok you’re still standing still, somebody take over and hit this shot, people are starting to stare…

Question 2 you answered:

  1. The New to it All Golfer: There are a million gadgets designed to help you manage every aspect of the game, so be careful not to get sucked in too far, rent “Tin Cup”
    1. Check out: The 3x9 mock-ament in March, get a chance to go on course with a teaching pro and 2 other new golfers and play 9 holes in “mock” tournament conditions, you’ll see how to play stroke, match and scramble play formats—don’t worry, no official scorecard for this event!
  2. The Wow Factor Golfer: You’ve got the confidence to know this is where scoring is done and are always willing to “go for it”
    1. Check out: The practice scorecard and challenge, keep honing those skills!
  3. The Next Level Golfer: You get it, this is where the scoring is done and now you need to practice more to put it all together
    1. Check out: Match play! You can have a melt down here or there and still not cause ultimate damage to your round. These are the “reps” you need to build the confidence. Sign up for fairway friends and practice with a new golfer

Question 3:

Your golf clubs have been flagged by the Department of Seriously, Equipment Should Be Working for YOU, what happens next?

A Upon closer inspection, your clubs appear to be older than you, your immediate family, the group you are playing with and their immediate families, combined. You are offered a new set in exchange for sending the old ones to the world golf museum.

B For declaring “any old club will do the same thing” you are sent immediately to the NASA like launch monitoring equipment, where you will harnessed, measured and analyzed into seeing the error in your ways.

C The clubs and you pass inspection, but you now wonder how to stay one step ahead of the game and leverage this investment in equipment.

Question 3 you answered:

A, B or C—regardless of where you are at in terms of navigating which tools of the trade work best for you, information is power!

            Check out: GolfTEC 30 Minute Set Analysis, being properly fitted to your clubs will make a world of difference to your game & how your body feels when you play!

Question 4:

You are signing up for the next EWGA golf event, when it asks about format preference, you first think:

A Times New Roman, 12 pt font? I really prefer sans serif, like Arial…

B Scramble me!

C Stroke play, time to get serious about that handicap and work on scoring!

D The prizes better be pretty good if I go for it!

Question 4 you answered:

  1. The New to it All Golfer: Scramble is your best friend for your first few golf events, it takes the pressure off if you get into trouble, and you get to root for everyone you are playing with!
    1. Check out: Leagues/Play Days, where you can go a little bit more at your own pace, play scramble, try match play with a buddy or work on recording your first 9 holes of golf
  2. The Next Level Golfer: You like scramble because it is so much fun
  3. The Next Level Golfer: But, you know it is time to get out of your comfort zone to keep growing
    1. Check out: Chapter Championship and Lone Star Cup, scramble teams and stroke play in flighted competition-there is something for everyone
  4. The Wow Factor Golfer: Someone has to say it right? It’s fun to win a prize!!
    1. Check out: Volunteering on a committee or with recruiting/referring sponsors, the more involved we all are together as a chapter the more we thrive!

Here’s to YOU and some great GOLF!