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Gals on and off the Green Holiday Open House

Our Newest Members


Valerie Darling



Amber Meakin - referred by Autumn Smith



Ryan Dusenbury - Timber Links Golf Club

Jenn Lewis

Patti Putnicki - welcome back!

Susan Servin



SJ Choi

Joyce Oliphant

Beth Shallcross



Dianne Grantier



Lynn Cole - dual member

Lauren Kelly - invited by Evelyn Ireland

Meg O'Neil - dual member

Cynthia Robinson



Robin Anderson - dual member

Daniela "Dani" Connell

Patty Daniel                                      

Kim Eskew

Debbie Keehn

Jeri Phillips - dual member



Rosie Calvillo

Teri Chilcoat

Carol Clark

Stacy Dennis

Paula Feinberg                                          

Barb Heller - invited by Jody Locke

June Kernaghan

Alice "Ali" McKee

Deborah Nesselrodt - dual member

Veronica "V" Sansom

Ann Senechal 

Sue Vroom - invited by Cheryl McCally



Haley Chappell

Donna DiBiaso

Sarah Farmer

Maribeth Fletcher

Shelley King-D'Souza - invited by husband Valentine!

Terri McShane



Monica Martino

Ruth Power

Sherry Taylor

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Member WOW Moment!

 Carol Poole with an Eagle at the

Annual Pink Ball Tournament!

EWGA Dallas Texas Chapter

Hole #5 at Cowboys Club 135 yrds to go.

Congrats Carol!


Jody Locke had her first Hole-in-One!!

EWGA Dallas, Texas

At Pecan Hollow:  90 yards, 9 Iron, Calloway Ball.

Way to go Jody!!

(The Hole-in-One Pot is still up for grabs!)