Trophy Room

2017 Dallas EWGA Chapter Championship

Congratulations to the members that played in the Chapter Championship!

Audrey Lam, Barbara Miller, Carol Poole, Cheryl Koff, Cheryl McCalley, Cindi Haugh, Debbie Schroder, Diana Gats, Diann Goodman, Elaine Stillman, Evelyn Ireland, Fatima Hanif, Jackie LaFollette, Joyce Condit, Lauren Kelly, Lauren Larson, Lisa Papes, Mary Schwind, Maureen Brodnax, Melanie Batiste, Patricia Musch, Patte Lee, Sarah Farmer, Shelley King-D'Souza, Sheri Stinson, Sonja Jackson and Sue Steffan.

Thanks to JBeck Photography for the pictures!


2017 Lone Star Cup Team

Congratulations to our members who made the 2017 Lone Star Cup Team!

L to R: Barbara Miller, Pat Patterson, Jackie LaFollette, Sarah Farmer, Jody Locke,

Co-captain Cheryl Koff, Bev Rychel, Mary Schwind, Cheryl McCally, Terri McShane,

Captain Brenda Stoddard, Lauren Larson, Julie Godkin and Lisa Papes

2016 Halloween Themed Tournament

2016 Dallas EWGA Chapter Championship

EWGA Dallas Texas Chapter

All are advancing to Semi-Finals

July 9th, Lakeway, TX

Good Luck!  Play Well!  Have Fun!

2015 Dallas EWGA Chapter Championship